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Proud Exclusive distributor in Scandinavia and Germany

Colbert Brothers, was born as a result of the deep devotion of two brothers for horses and riding,

with the objective to innovate through technology and the highest quality.

Colbert Brothers will aim to improve the performance of those traditional equestrian products, matching the European quality but bringing them to market in an accessible manner.

To carry out this project, these entrepreneurs opted to return to the roots ensuring an exclusive and detailed production adjusting to the market needs, and that is why the selected job scheme maintains the tradition of small family businesses, who were making their product by hand with attention to detail, achieving a superior product custom made.

Its founders have found this project possible in the business of the sport they love, bringing consumers the possibility of European class products at lower prices, thanks to custom manufacturing, through a detailed manufacturing and processing the best and most distinguished materials.

Colbert Brothers currently manufactures saddles, bridles, reins, breastplates, horse boots, martingales, girths, guard girths, halters and stirrup leathers, those products with greater traditionalism in the industry.